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The vision and mission of Jurnal Sibook

The vision of Jurnal Sibook (Garasi Buku and Obrolan Keilmuan): “Aims to facilitate smart educational research, independent solutions for social issues, and religious services”.

The vision indicators for Jurnal Sibook are as follows:

  • Smart Educational Research: Jurnal Sibook serves as a dynamic hub that supports intelligent and innovative education research. It stimulates innovative thinking and promotes high standards both nationally and internationally in the field of education.
  • Independent Social Issue Research: Jurnal Sibook provides a platform for independent research on complex social problems. It encourages innovative solutions and the development of independent policies to equip the younger generation with the necessary tools to address societal issues effectively. 
  • Religious Services: Jurnal Sibook supports in-depth research on religious services. It aims to integrate character development, environmental sensitivity, and collaborative abilities in its exploration of religious topics. By doing so, the journal seeks to contribute positively to religious understanding and promote the role of religion in serving society in a meaningful way.

The mission of the Journal Sibook: Garasi Buku dan Obrolan Keilmuaan (Education, Social Issues, and Religion) is multi-faceted, aiming to advance quality educational research, foster independent research on social issues for the youth, and promote research in religious services with character, environmental awareness, and collaborative abilities.

  1. Advancing Quality Educational Research: The journal strives to publish and promote educational research that adheres to national and international standards, contributing to the enhancement of global knowledge. It provides a platform for researchers to disseminate insights and innovative practices that elevate the quality of education on a worldwide scale.
  2. Fostering Independent Research on Social Issue for the Youth: Journal Sibook aims to facilitate and encourage independent research initiatives focusing on complex social issues. It seeks to empower the younger generation by providing a space for innovative solutions and independent policies, preparing them to navigate and contribute meaningfully to contemporary societal challenges.
  3. Promoting Research in Religious Services with Character, Environmental Awareness, and Collaborative Abilities: The journal supports and promotes in-depth research on religious services that integrate character development, environmental awareness, and collaborative capabilities. It encourages studies that contribute positively to the understanding of religious practices, emphasizing character-building, environmental stewardship, and fostering collaboration within religious communities. In pursuit of these noble objectives, the Journal Sibook endeavors to be a catalyst for scholarly endeavors and a source of valuable insights in the fields of education, social issues, and religious studies. By promoting high-quality research, fostering independence, and encouraging a holistic approach to religious services, the journal aspires to contribute significantly to the betterment of society and the global knowledge landscape.

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