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At Journal Garasi Buku and Obrolan Keilmuan, we prioritize integrity and reliability in scholarly publishing. As part of our commitment to transparency and quality assurance, we actively participate in the Crossmark initiative. This collaborative effort among publishers aims to provide readers with transparent and up-to-date information about the status of published articles.

Understanding Crossmark

Crossmark, a service facilitated by CrossRef, enables readers to easily identify the status of an article. The Crossmark logo serves as a visual indicator, indicating whether an article has been updated, corrected, retracted, or contains additional related content. This ensures that readers can trust the accuracy and reliability of the content they encounter.

Implementation and Management

Articles published in Jurnal Garasi Buku and Obrolan Keilmuan that are registered with Crossmark prominently display the Crossmark logo on both PDF and HTML versions. This clickable logo provides readers with access to additional information about the document's status and associated metadata. The Crossmark metadata, including confirmation of publication, updates, corrections, and details about related content, is diligently maintained and regularly updated by our team to reflect the most current status of the document.

Accessing and Feedback

Readers can easily access the Crossmark metadata for an article by clicking on the Crossmark logo within the document. This action opens a pop-up window containing detailed information about the article's status and associated metadata. We encourage any questions or feedback regarding our Crossmark policy to be directed to our team at We value input and are committed to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of our published content.

Publication Ethics

Journal Garasi Buku and Obrolan Keilmuan (Education, Social Issues and Religious) are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and abiding by the guidelines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Authors, editors, and reviewers are required to comply with these ethical standards to ensure the integrity and credibility of the publication process. The following guidelines delineate the ethical responsibilities of each party involved in the publication process:  

  1. Duties of Authors
  2. Duties of Editors
  3. Duties of Reviewers
  4. Publisher’s Responsibilities
  5. Procedures for Dealing with Unethical Behavior

Editorial Policies


While we endeavor to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the Crossmark metadata, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Users are encouraged to independently verify the status of documents when necessary, aligning with our shared commitment to transparency and scholarly integrity.

Information about the Journal

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